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Finding the Money

Financial Plan
Finding the Money
Technology does not change the building blocks of financial planning.
It can however, be leveraged to save time and find money.
When we clarify what you want to happen and help design a strategy to make it happen - finding money is usually involved.

1. What do you want money for?

  • Buy home or an investment property?
  • Buy business, finance inventory?
  • Retirement Income?
  • Legacy for family?
  • Financial security?
  • Charity?
  • Taxes?
  • Cash flow / lifestyle?
  • ?

Doesn't it take Money to make Money?
If so, then when should you start looking for the money? (Vote to view results)
A) Conventional Process: Objectives - Current Situation - Plan - Fund - Implement - Monitor - Adjust
B) Opportunity Analysis: Find Money - Apply Conventional Process to New Situation
C) Wait until money is needed
2. Where to find Money (cash flow and funding).

    • Interest rates
    • Risk management
    • Taxes
    • and ...

3. How does what you want integrate with your overall plan? Opportunity Analysis.

Technology's Impact - "you don't know, what you don't know"

The Opportunity Analysis provides an executive summary that includes: a clarification of your goals/objectives; a tax review and risk management overview. What you may not know is that when the structure of your plan is aligned with your objectives, 2+2 can be greater than 4.

Cash flow analysis, mortgages and financing are referred to my son, Blake Wilson, at The Mortgage Group. Blake has access to over 50 banks, lenders and private capital sources to meet your unique financial needs.


Home purchase, construction or renovation mortgages
Investment properties
Equity take-out or consolidation, including to pay property tax and CRA
Home Equity Line of Credit Solutions, including Manulife One


Purchasing a Business
Equipment Financing and Leasing
Commercial Mortgage Solutions
Merchant Capital Solutions
Re-structuring and Capital Raising
Equity take-out or consolidation to pay property taxes, CRA, or shareholder loans

"Blake is a great example of what it means to be a professional. He realizes that he may not have all the answers for you right away (although he has most), but has the high standards to turn to someone inside his firm for expert advice when required.
Andrew Blazenko, CFA, CBV
Associate at Sequoia Mergers & Acquisitions
Open minded? Is the "looking for the money" approach to financial planning right for you?

The initial discussion is complimentary and you are under no obligation. See DISCLOSURE for details.

Looking forward to speaking soon.

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