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Guaranteed Investment Funds

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Guaranteed Investment Funds, (GIFs)

Those benefits include:
  • Guarantees that can help protect your investments
  • Guaranteed death benefits
  • Potential creditor protection
  • The right to designate a beneficiary
  • Tax and estate planning advantages
  • An option that lets you reset your guarantee to a higher amount (for some contracts, see section 4)
  • Guaranteed income benefits (for GMWB contracts, see section 4)
In addition to these special contractual features, segregated fund contracts offer:
  • Diversification through a selection of growth, income and balanced funds
  • Flexibility to switch between funds offered within the same contract without fees
(for more information, see page 8)
  • Liquidity that allows you to promptly redeem all or part of your investment
(for more information, see page 8)

Guaranteed Investment Funds, (GIFs), also called segregated fund policies, are long-term investments that offer capital guarantees. When you invest in a segregated fund contract you combine the growth potential of investment funds with certain guarantees and benefits of a contract with a life insurance company. (Guarantees vary by company.)

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Note: Key Facts about Segregated Funds Contracts is a Large file that is available for download (above) or you can view by clicking the image below.


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