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What’s it like to work with Paul Wilson?

On this page I’ll
give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, approach and how I 'm different than most financial advisors.                                                        

The results my clients can expect

An understanding of how the pieces of your financial puzzle fit together .

Financial planning can seem complicated and an overview provides you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Managing risk 
Steps you can take to increase financial security for you and your family. 

Building a retirement "nest egg" .
The options available to increase your retirement income security regardless of how you are receiving your income. Note: Solutions to solving business issues often provide opportunities to enhance your retirement income.

The options available when you "retire".
Planning for your retirement is more even complex if you are self-employed. 

(Retirement Planning Checklist - Additional retirement information, resources and links click here.)

Business ownership "creates" some financial planning challenges and opportunities.
Solutions to business issues can often provide opportunities to enhance your personal financial objectives.

The Beliefs that Guide My Work with Clients

I follow the Financial Planners Standards Council Planning Process.

  • Establish the client—planner engagement

  • Gather client data; determine your goals and expectations

  • Clarify your present financial status; identify any problem areas and opportunities

  • Develop and present the financial plan

  • Implement the financial plan

  • Monitor the financial plan

My Approach

An initial discussion to determine if there is a fit.
We meet on the phone or over a "coffee" to see if there is a fit.

I begin by listening carefully to your concerns and needs so that we can share an understanding of your goals.
You receive h
onest feedback to help clarify your objectives and the potential obstacles.

You receive an action plan based on your needs and objectives.
Clear and concise.

What makes me different?

In most provinces anyone can call themselves a financial advisor or for that matter a financial planner.
I am a CFP™ (Certified Financial Planner) licensed by the Financial Planners Standards Council. Individuals holding the only internationally recognized financial planner designation, the CFP™ designation, are well trained and adhere to a code of ethics that puts the consumers best interest first. Worldwide there are over 150,000 CFP™ professionals .

Over 30 years experience.

Having a sit down with Paul is always an educational experience worth having. His years in the financial industry have given him an insight that is very valuable to a client or an advisor looking to learn the ropes."
Tim Doyle

Certified Financial Planner
Northwest Territories, Canada

I offer individual insurance, group insurance and various financial products through a number of insurance and financial services companies using IDCWIN as my MGA. No insurer holds an ownership interest in my business, nor do I hold a significant interest in any insurance company.

I am not obligated to do business with any single company.

Sound Interesting?

Contact me.      

J. Paul Wilson, CFP, CHFC
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Office (902) 405-8665  Mobile (902) 488-4982
Toll-free Fax (866)-436-1207 Email  paul@jpw.ca

** Email Disclosure: For your convenience, you have the option of contacting us by email. Please note that no email is 100% secure. We ask that you only provide us with your contact information and your question. Do not include sensitive information such as income, social insurance number.

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