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Profile Blake Wilson

J. Blake Wilson
Mortgage and Financing Broker
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Direct (902) 329-3825
On a Personal Note

At an early age, I developed an entrepreneurial vision. I began in elementary school by knocking on doors and I haven't stopped since.  Whether it was selling a variety of items to my local community in fundraising efforts or canvassing for subscriptions to a local newspaper, I have always been very focused and driven, often exceeding the expectations of others and even myself.

Becoming a parent has aided in the balancing of my personal and professional life. The importance of family was the driving force to my moving back from Vancouver to the Maritimes. I am passionate about constantly evolving and improving not only as a father and a professional but also as a leader in my community. I am heavily involved in coaching CrossFit and helping others enrich their lives by reaching their health and fitness goals.

My professional career began within the Maritimes as I entered the risk management and insurance industry over a decade ago, working with a regional brokerage firm and then founding the Halifax branch for another regional brokerage.  During this time, I also owned/operated a promotions and marketing business which was an extremely valuable learning experience. An introduction to the global insurance marketplace was made while working in Western Canada with one of the world's leading global insurance brokerages, which further enhanced my knowledge and perspective.

As an avid networker, I recognize that the keys to my success in business are my strengths as a problem solver and the natural ability I have to facilitate relationships between clients and specific professionals to help them achieve their goals. My experience in sales, relationship management and general business savvy gained from working in both the Maritimes and Western Canada with companies of all sizes and industries, brings with it a unique perspective to help deliver solutions to my clients.

Blake has access to over 50 banks, lenders and private capital sources to meet your unique financial needs. With one credit check, he can shop multiple banks for personal and commercial mortgages, leasing, merchant capital and commercial loans. Saving you time and money while not impacting your credit score from checks if you were to shop yourself.
Note: The range of products/solutions is of special interest if you are self-employed.

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J. Paul Wilson, CFP®, ChFC®
Certified Financial Planner
27 Blue Thistle Road Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3S 1M3
Office (902) 405-8665 Email
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