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Why Focus on Retirement Income?

  • Allocating your retirement income is more than just adding a RRIF and annuity to your pension (if you have one). Regardless of how you define retirement success, ensuring you have an income that will not run out before you do should be part of the plan.

  • Retirement is a pivot point in life -a time of change. There are a number of integated factors such as estate planning and business succession that need to be considered since they directly affect your retirement income security. Focusing on your retirement income gives you a reference point and a place to start. Asset rich and cash flow poor can happen.

When should you start planning your retirement?
The sooner the better, however, if you are
within 10  - 15 years of retirement you should start serious preparation. Why? Because at this stage of your life market ups and downs matter more and can have a significant negative impact on your capital.

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